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    From the very first class, Karate has direct application
    into the everyday lives of our students.

  • Every great

    Journey starts with

    one Step!

    Here at Sport Akademy you can join classes for karate,
    boxing, Gymnastics, Yoga, Skating and dance.

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    Minds & Bodies

    from a long time

    All boxing classes are mixed, so students of all abilities (including
    complete beginners) are very welcome to attend

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About Sport Akademy

Sports Akademy is a well-known name in Pune, Lohagaon Region for Karate, Martial Arts, Boxing, Gymnastic, Aerobics, Skating, and Various Dancing forms, Yoga & Power Yoga. We have all well-qualified & well-experienced trainers for each of above program.

Just after only a few weeks of training at Sport Akademy, you will start to feel stronger, smarter and more energetic. You will increase flexibility and focus, develop confidence and enjoy a healthier lifestyle...Read more

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Call us 24/7
Sant Nagar, Lohagaon
Pune - 47
Working Hours
daily: 9am - 8pm


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